2016 Ford Explorer

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Package Description

Vehicle Information

This 2016 Ford Explorer Police Utility has been outfitted to be primarily used for dog services purposes (K9). Equipment included on this model includes a partial dog/prisoner cage, K9 heat monitoring equipment and so much more.

 Lighting System: NON-ELS

Liveries Included: Included, 1 variant is available

Lighting Showcase


Vehicle Features: 

  • Toggleable lightbar, 
  • Toggleable visor bar, 
  • Toggleable dash lighting, 
  • Toggleable grill lighting, 
  • Toggleable push bar lighting and siren speaker, 
  • Toggleable ALPRs and antenna equipment, 
  • Toggleable spot light, 
  • K9 focused interior equipment.

Included With Download: 

  • Vehicle files (.yft .ytd .yft_hi), 
  • Vehicle meta files (vehicle.meta, carvariations.meta, carcols.meta), 
  • Vehicle templates. 
  • SBD - Terms of service short cut. 
  • SBD - Vehicle information short cut.