2022 Toyota Tacoma

15.00 USD

Package Description

Vehicle Information

This 2022 Toyota Tacoma has been outfitted to be primarily used for traffic control purposes (DOT). Equipment included on this model includes a customizable message board, traffic warning equipment, a generator, and much more.

 Lighting System: NON-ELS

Liveries Included: 2 variants are available 

Lighting Showcase



Vehicle Features: 

  • Toggleable Lightbar. 
  • Toggleable Dash Lights.
  • Toggleable Grill Lights.
  • Toggleable Tailgate Lighting.
  • Toggleable Headache Rack, Including different setups to include only the light bar, and/or the message board.
  • Toggleable Equipment.

Included With Download: 

  • Vehicle files (.yft .ytd .yft_hi), 
  • Vehicle meta files (vehicle.meta, carvariations.meta, carcols.meta), 
  • Vehicle templates. 
  • SBD - Terms of service short cut. 
  • SBD - Vehicle information short cut.