Terms Of Service

1. We, I Benjamin Smith reserve the right to refuse service to any person or persons who I deem have violated my terms of service.

2. By purchasing any product or service you agree not to replicate, rip content or redistribute content without express permission from I, Benjamin Smith.

3. Sending, sharing or purchasing on behalf of a friend will result in a termination of service and removal from the SBD community. Please ensure you are the owner purchasing the product, as I Benjamin Smith will not honour transfer of ownership if the reason falls into this category.

4. Payments are made solely via Tebex and their payment types. Any other payment methods are not accepted, furthermore, any request for other payment methods will be denied.

5. We, I Benjamin Smith is not responsible for any damage to machines, loss of data or poor performance. All products have been quality assured before release and are to be used at your own risk. 

6. We, I Benjamin Smith does not offer refunds, unless in select circumstances decided by Benjamin Smith. Please ensure you are purchasing the correct item prior to paying for the product. 

7. Chargebacks on Paypal or Stripe payments will result in permanent removal from the Smithy Boi Designs and Zeakor Designs communities, regardless of the reason. 

8. The products listed by Smithy Boi Designs are NOT designed for primary use on FiveM. Using SBD products on FiveM is at your own risk, and if you do use them on FiveM it is your responsibility to ensure the terms of service are not violated.